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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New Electronics

We all settle into stereotypes sometimes, and the place where I've done this the most is with the electronics in and around my television. I routinely throw the remote controls at my husband because I don't want to deal with them, and when I try to? He quickly gets exasperated that I don't know which remote does what.

Can you see how this rapidly spirals out of control? I don't know how to use them, so he does it, so I don't learn how to use them... like a dog chasing it's tail.

The new digital cable isn't helping with the wacky things it keeps doing. While I'm watching it. A few weeks ago, it went mute. I pressed all the mute and sound buttons I could find and went to various menus to find out what the heck it was doing. It wasn't until I turned the cable off and on again (which I didn't want to do at the time as we were DVRing something and I didn't know how that would affect things) that the sound came back.

Last night I had no picture. I have no idea why I had no picture. I again played with remotes and menus and still I had no picture. This morning I had a picture - I can only presume the cable gods relented and gave us the picture back.

This electrical incompetence probably started when I was dating successive computer geeks Motherboard, gig, ram, pixel!, they would say. And I stuck my fingers in my ears and sang LALALALALALALA at the top of my lungs because I hate the hardware of computers. Which is odd because I sort of vaguely like the programming aspect. So I let them take over building and fixing my computers, and planted myself in ignorance on that topic.

And then there is the stereo thing. My brother could rattle off about stereos and I could not possibly care less, because a tone deaf person with some hearing loss? Doesn't give a crap about sound quality. No static? That's the one for me!

These things will keep happening to me until I understand the systems in my house, though. Taking 7 minutes to figure out how to play a DVD in the playstation, the time the brand new computer wouldn't turn on and I didn't know why, the cable issues. And every time stuff like that happens, it ticks me off, which makes me think I should take the time to figure these things out completely.

But at that moment, it's so much easier to yell ESPOSO!!!


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