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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Make it Nice

I don't write about work because work is not that interesting. I wouldn't want to get 'Dooced', but that's unlikely since I don't hate the people I work with. But today, I'm cranky.

I talked to my boss about looking around in the company for a new position (I'm bored with what I do, I've been doing it too long). She basically told me that I have to be 'nicer'. Now, what I do is in Quality. In my experience with other companies, Quality is the hard ass part of the company. They said 'Jump' and everyone jumped. I'm STILL not used to that not being the case here.

I have (and I admit this) given 'knee-jerk' responses when people want to do certain things. I say 'But no, you have to do this.' Because I'm Quality, right? I'm not supposed to do that, I'm supposed to help people look for solutions.

And I'm ALL about solutions. If people actually knew how much I was all about the solutions, they'd be all, 'Hey, she's all about solutions! She doesn't want to bitch and moan, she wants to find ANSWERS! So we're ALL happy!' But I don't feel like I get a whole lot of compromise when I find something wrong, people are just dandy with how things are working, and I should go figure it out without bothering them.

It should be obvious to EVERYONE that you can't solve a problem that way.

So how do I be a strong person, a strong employee, and helping direct the company in the direction that I was hired to help the company go in, when I'm perceived as difficult when I am firm. And the nice thing? It isn't working. People aren't changing their habits.

As much as I do like my boss, she doesn't provide me with a strong role model in this regard, and I don't know how to seek any other upper management out as a role model, though there are a couple people that I think might be able to help me out.


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