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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Kid's Getting a Mind

Last night, I picked up Luke and he started screaming. And screaming and screaming. I inspected him for large nails protruding from his skin, bumps, bruises, misaligned limbs, but I couldn't find any reason for him to be screaming except because I picked him up.

Can we say 'crap'? Because really, a kid who gets ticked when I pick him up from playing at 8 months is NOT my idea of a good time.

I thought 'He must just be tired' and I changed him and sent him to bed (okay, I PUT him in his crib). And he screamed. And he screamed. For longer than usual, so I got him up and fed him a bottle, which he took hungrily and dozed off during.

This morning, he was playing downstairs while I ate breakfast, and I picked him up and put him in his crib so I could take a shower. He really hates playing in his crib after he's already been taken OUT of his crib. He's okay with it after he wakes up, but once he's out, he's out! (in his head).

So there was screaming. All through my shower. Want a relaxing shower? Don't have a baby.

After the shower I picked him up and he was HORRIFICALLY UPSET. The hiccupping breathing from crying too hard, the clutching at me if I neared the ground with him. So I had to hold him and play with him and slowly convince him that he was okay playing by himself while I went through my morning routine (Read: Changed the Daily Trivia game topic for the day).

Good times, man, good times.


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