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Monday, October 03, 2005


This weekend Luke had a few more firsts. The first year of life? Is a complete whirlwind of firsts.

He's playing his first interactive games with us. We ask him "Where's Lucas?" and he pulls a blanket or napkin over his head and in front of his face, and then drops it down. He can do this forEVER. We also have 'motorboat'. I say "Motorboat!" and make a razzberry noise with my lips and he'll respond with his razzberry.

On Friday night he went to his first Japanese steakhouse! He didn't have any steak, but he wasn't at all upset by the flames - as I've mentioned, my kid's a daredevil!!

Sunday morning he made two coordinated crawling motions, left arm/right leg and then right arm/left leg. He finished the day off but pulling himself to standing on Daddy, and then in the bathtub. Over and over the standing up in the slippery slippery bathtub! Babies are like eels when they're wet, so he kept slipping away.

Just one weekend in the life of an alomst eight month old...


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