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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bathroom Issues

Don't worry, I'm not discussing my personal issues, apart from the fact that since I've been trying to diet I've been drinking copious amounts of water and thus am visiting the bathroom minimally hourly.

Public bathroom use is something I don't particularly relish. I imagine the rest of the world feels the same. Work bathroom use is worse, because then you're not so anonymous. This was particularly bad during the early stages of my pregnancy because of the gas, the noise richoceting off the porcelain bowl throughout the room. It's not as if I stopped having the gas later in my pregnancy, but by seven months or so, you don't give a rat's ass anymore, which is preparing you for birth in which 84 people are crammed into a 12' by 12' room and everything about you is fully visible.

Anyhoo, the bathroom.

There are a few things that drive me nuts in the bathroom. One is heading to the bathroom to find that cleaning is taking place. I don't want to head in there and be the one messing the place up as she's cleaning, so I usually just make a Uturn and head back later.

Then, there are the other bathroom patrons. The danger in stalls are those gaps on either side the door. I have had people peer in at me as I sit, presumably to see if someone is using the stall. Apparently others in th facility have had the same problem, as some stalls have toilet paper draped to conceal the gap.

I proceed to washing my hands, and apparently due to our location in the building, no hot water can reach us no matter how long you leave that faucet on. They probably route the pipes outdoors to ensure we get, at best, tepid water.

Heading to dry my hands, I invariably find that the cleaning woman has stuffed the paper towel dispensers well beyond maximum capacity so that you can't get a towel out without it shredding to pieces. She services the bathrooms daily and I have never seen those towel holders less than half full! There's no need for this!!

Meanwhile, several people are washing their dishes or walking out without washing their hands.


Blogger Isabel said...

Awww...bathroom issues. We all have them.

I'm with you that I hate going to the bathroom at work when I know other people are in there also. That's the time I like to be alone. Go figure.

11:00 AM  

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