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Friday, January 06, 2006

I got shot!

I went to the doctor yesterday. Of course, I don't have a regular doctor, so I just looked one up in my network and found one who was 1) close to work and 2) had an opening today.

I ended up going to a very small, thin, older man, who was EXTREMELY THOROUGH on getting my medical history. Was I on any medication? No. When did I last get my period? Christmas Day. Could I possibly be pregnant? As I said, period on Christmas Day, it's January 5th, I shouldn't have even ovulated yet. And then he launches into this long explanation on why he's asking this (uh, I get it, but the ODDS ARE REALLY DAMN GOOD I'M NOT PREGNANT) and wants to know if I'm on the pill. Um, remember the no medication thing? Have I EVER been on the pill? Ever? Seriously? Good grief.

He finally gets around to examining my mucus filled head (I felt bad for the guy when he had to look up my nose. Ewwww.) and feels around for enlarged lymph nodes. I've got a couple. Then he goes to listen to my heartbeat and notices that hey, my skins all red. Do I have a rash? No, my skin's just sensitive. I'm blond and fair skinned. That's dermal blah biddy blah blah. (I couldn't hear) Whatever, buddy.

After all this examination, hey, I have acute sinusitis. I coulda phoned that in. And then he starts his summary of the examination, into his little recorder. Every little damn detail.

But, he gave me a shot that cleared out my sinuses so they're not extremely painful AND I slept through the night, and also some kick ass drugs. Antibiotics and such.


Blogger Cmommy said...

Cool! Back in the day, we always got a shot when we were sick---there weren't any 10 days of antibiotics & stuff. One shot did the trick. I'm glad you are on the road to recovery! C

2:19 PM  
Blogger Isabel said...

Get better quick!!

6:13 PM  

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