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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ramblin' ramblin' rambliiiin'!!

I just checked out my stats, and I have about 300 more hits this month than I did last month, so either people are eagerly checking back to see if I have written more, or there are other people actually reading this blog. Hm. I need to get one of them thar fancy site meter things that tells you where people are linking from.

I was contemplating the weight loss thing, and did I mention I become a bit obsessive on this point? So I was contemplating it, and thinking about how I have to weigh in next Tuesday and really, I've been dieting this week (Day Three now) and so I am putting myself at a disadvantage for winning next week. But really, I already feel immeasurably better with only having lost 1.6 of the 3 holiday pounds, so I'm not going to stop.

Plus, we're going up north this weekend, where there is no scale, and there is random grazing on food. I don't know what it is about that place but 1, it makes me incredibly lazy and 2, I eat more in two days than I should eat in a week. Cookies cookies cookies. Steak? Okay. Mac and Cheese? Sounds good. Some twizzlers? Pretzels? Granola bars? I swear, I start rummaging for old food in the cupboards.

So, I will probably gain back any loss I incurred this week over the weekend, is what I am saying.

And back to the contest. Our actual weights are not being published, but our pounds loss and percentage weight loss will be. You know, for privacy's sake. But if you are not a complete idiot, you can figure out from the number and the percent exactly what each person weighs. Which I am so totally going to do for each of the other contestants.

And speaking of other contestants, there is a woman who weighs MAYBE 100 pounds and she's in this contest. Seriously. HER THIGHS DO NOT TOUCH. I don't think they even touch when she sits down. I don't know why she's doing this challenge, but if I don't beat her, I'll cry. Because even based as it is based on percentage weight loss, I can lose more than she can. Or life is not fair.

Which it's not.

And a final note on boobs... I am actually looking forward to losing some weight in my boobs. Several bras are unwearable because they cause the dreaded double-boob, and I'd like to wear them. I'd also like to stop wearing my mongo maternity bras, which I wear because not enough of the pre preggo bras fit. These things have inch wide, padded straps and provide nearly enough coverage to constitute a shirt. They have three hooks. When the boob fairy visits, the cute bra fairy cuts out.


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