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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Many articles that I've been reading lately focus on the fact that children want to help, and in fact, we're all hard wired to want to contribute to the family and community, which makes sense given that we're soft, slow, and hairless and if we didn't help each other out we'd all have been wolf and lion snacks long ago.

Luke's contribution has been emptying the silverware tray from the dishwasher. He started out by handing my the spoons and forks one at a time (I remove knives before he toddles over) so I could place them in the drawer. Last week he took that extra step and started putting them in the drawer himself.

Step 1: Remove two pieces of silverware from the dishwasher.
Step 2: Turn towards drawer. Look at silverware in hands, look at drawer.
Step 3: Place one item of (clean) silverware on the floor to free up a hand to open the drawer.
Step 4: Open the drawer.
Step 5: Place item of silverware that you're still holding in the drawer. (The drawer is higher than his head, this is a feat of sheer will)
Step 6: Close the drawer.
Step 7: Pick up item of (formerly clean) silverware from the floor.
Step 8: Repeat steps 4 through 6.
And then go back to Step 1.

Awhile back I was reading on a few other blogs a debate of how to place forks in the basket, and if you place it tines UP, how do you get it out without TOUCHING the tines! EGADS! I laughed and laughed, because I think people are crazy with their attempts to avoid germs. And obviously, in my house, you might want to wash the silverware before you use it because it just *might* have been on the floor. It's good for you.


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