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Friday, March 24, 2006

Day Trading

Remember those heady heady days when people quit their jobs to sit at home on the internet and play with stocks themselves? Yeah? I don't do that.

What I AM doing, however, is obsessively watching the three stocks I own. Most of my investments are in mutual funds because I am wussy and I don't like to pay attention. I understand the concept of looooong term investing very well, and I don't look at my investments or retirement account very much.

However, last week, my company, in which I own stock, set me a notice about the stock options I had. They gave these to us last year and I completely forgot them until this email. I skipped over to the internet and looked at these options, which provided me the option to buy at about 42.

The problem being that our stock had dropped preciptously in the past year and was at 28. I had the option to pay $14 more per share than our stock is worth! Whatta option! The Company is doing better now, and our stock is creeping up. So everyday I am heading over to see if I will get the chance to exercise my options beofre I quit.

I also have a piddly stock I bought a few years back:
I don't know why I bought it, but I did, and I own 50 shares. The problem is I don't know what I paid for them. $250? $300? I'd like to sell and take my $0.43 profit and run, but I don't want to take a loss. So I'm hoping the stock will hit 8 or so and then I'll know I made a profit.

This is why I don't trade.


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