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Friday, April 28, 2006

Long Week

As you have no doubt gathered from the few sad little stories I've posted this week, this has been a long frickin' week. Did I mention two dentist appointments? And that Luke woke at 1:30 AM covered in poop? And then at 4:30 AM because he just wanted to be held? Or that I dropped my work badge into the toilet on Tuesday?

ANYWHO, I want to the bathroom to see a man about a horse, and I noticed my boss' planner on the counter, which meant that she was utilizing the facilities as well. I debated about going back to my desk, but figured she was in the area to see me so I might as well take care of bidness.

I went into a stall and started unbuttoning my shirt. I am not George Costanza, so typically I'm not removing my shirt to fully relax, but it's a testimony to how out of it I am.

After a good handwashing, I headed back to my office where my boss awaited me. I don't remember the impetus (because I am brain dead) but I said something about it being a long week.

"Huh!" She scoffed... SCOFFED... "YOU think it's been a long week!?"

And then I swung my keyboard over my head like a mace and clobbered her.


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