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Thursday, April 20, 2006


We're at the stage of our lives where everyone we know is in some 'stage' of their life that's a transition point. The only comparable time I can think of is when we all went off to college, but that was different because we all went through the SAME transition.

The Podiatrist (after getting married last month) has bought a house. Yay! My mother and Esposo's brother are moving. Esposo's sister started a new job earlier this year, and his other brother is expecting a baby. My brother starts his new job in June or July. There are seven other weddings, at least nine other babies, a couple graduations, and I can't even think about who's moved where.

Given the number of people we know (which isn't a tremendously high number, but substantial enough) it's a guarantee that someone's always going to have some major event going on. I don't know what it is about THIS year that's making it a major year for everyone in some way, but it is.

Good luck to 'em all!


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