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Friday, April 28, 2006


Warning: This is very gross.

Luke has moved on from the limp and lifeless state of his illness to the screamingly discontent stage. We found out Thursday that on top of whatever virus he had to make him vomit, he had an ear infection, and don't forget those molars coming in. In one week. No wonder he's pissed.

Nothing makes him happy for long. He wants to be up, or down, or out, or in. He wants to play with his blocks or sleep or ride his scooter. Essentially, I think he wants to not feel like crap.

The doctor warned that after the vomiting comes the diarrhea. And they were right. He's had four explosive and near pure liquid poops in the last two days. Three weren't too bad - we caught them early, before they spread. But last night, at about 1:30 AM, he began to scream. I thought his Motrin had worn off. And then I opened the door.

I'll spare the details, but let's say it was a two person effort, everything went in the wash, and no matter how much I love my son if his life's not in danger, I'm not hugging him when he's covered in poop.

As I rocked Luke back to sleep, which actually took no time at all once he was cleaned up, I thought again about single parents and how they take care of events like this in the night. How much more difficult it would be if we weren't able to divide and conquer.

And then I thought about people who don't have washing machines in their homes, who have to rinse and wash in their sinks to get rid of the stench.

And finally, I thought that this was the biggest argument AGAINST co-sleeping and the family bed that I could possibly come up with, because once Luke was back in his crib, zonked out, I could crawl into my completely poop-free bed.


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