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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I heard a rumor (and I will continue to call it a rumor because I wasn't there) about an 18 month old asking to use the potty. Now, of all things moms compare kids on - and we do even if we're consciously trying NOT to, because no matter what you want your kid to be the best, though 'the best' varies from person to person - potty training is one of the most pointless. Kids potty train when they're ready, and like walking, which is normal from 9 - 18 months, a huge range, potty training has a wide swath of 'normal'.

I don't know if I'm actually looking forward to potty training, because the diaper is supremely convenient. Long car ride? Pee in your pants. See, that would be convenient even for me, because there have been times I've had to pee so bad I was in pain on long car rides. Potty training involves frequent trips to the bathroom and constant asking of "Do you hafta go potty?" when your child starts grabbing at their crotch. And Luke? Has recently found out that HEY! There's STUFF to grab down there! My nephew has a particularly strong case of Crotch-grab-i-titis and must constantly be reminded to remove his hands from Willie and his two friends.

I don't think that we'll be presented with the potty training dilemma anytime this year, though, as Luke is particularly unconcerned with the state of his diaper. He gleefully went down the slide numerous times yesterday after... well, you know, doing something that in an older individual would cause you to question the wiseness of sitting down and sliiiiiiding.

Last night we readied him for bed by stripping his clothes off and he began grabbing at his diaper. I thought, Perchance (yeah, PERCHANCE, okay!) his diaper is wet and he wants a fresh one! and I took off his diaper, only to find that it was dry while Luke demonstrated that the reason he wanted it removed was so that he could see how his little friends were doing.


Anonymous Wendy said...

ah boys....first time I saw my nephew grab and puuulllllll I freaked out. But it must not hurt.

12:48 PM  

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