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Monday, April 17, 2006


I take issues with Mensa. In case you were not aware, Mensa is a society for the top 2% of society, intelligence wise. You have to pass some IQ test to get in. They do, apparently, have the following goals:

"To identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity, to encourage research in the nature, characteristics and uses of intelligence, and to promote stimulating intellectual and social opportunities for its members."

But really, I think you have to be some kind of an asshole to join Mensa. It's like honor societies that you are 'invited' to join because your GPA is high enough. You don't actually do anything with the group, it's just added to your resume.

And joining Mensa doesn't mean you actually DO anything with your so-called intelligence, just that you have some innate talent. And undeveloped talent is just an asshole waiting to happen. It's like those people who can sort of sing so they try out for American Idol, but if they've never taken lessons or praticed, dude, you just suck.

So, anyway, Mensa, not cool. I mentioned this at a gathering with some high school people, at which point the girl whom I do not like and obviously does not like me, read subtext into my statement of "It's not that hard to get into Mensa." - as in I was so smart, la la la, whereas I was thinking, shit, they'd take me? This was shortly after I discovered the requirements for Mensa and found out that their goals are dumb.

Which are really a lot like my college chemical fraternity's goals, but we were SPECIFIC about it being about Chemistry, and that's SO much better. I attempted to explain the chemistry fraternity this weekend and you know? It gets harder and harder as we get older, because what the? Chemistry? Fraternity? Um, aren't you a girl?

And I just say "Kegs! We had kegs!"


Anonymous melissa said...

I think the keg part is important. And holy cow, chemistry? You are brilliant, hands down.

Mensa, yes, not cool.

My 10 year old's teachers wanted to put him in the Gifted Program at their school, but they don't DO anything. Plus, they wanted to pull him out of social studies when he was only really good at math. He needed the damn social studies. But, hey, he's "gifted" so fuck his other studies and let's allow him to preen in a special room for an hour each day.


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