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Monday, April 17, 2006


Okay, so I'm not so good with traditions. We did not make it to church on Sunday. My mother called at 7 saying she had lost power (while in the shower. Nothing is more freaky than the lights going off in the unwindowed bathroom while you are nekkid and wet) and she couldn't do her hair or put on her make up so she wasn't coming up. My mother always does her hair and makeup, which is probably why I never do. I'm sure there's a mathematical correlation there. She also always had perfect nails when we were children.

Luke had slept until SIX FORTY on Sunday morning, so we were slow, and happy, and decided instead to sit in the living room sending Luke on 'Easter Egg Hunts'. With a fourteen month old this was basically throwing the Easter Eggs into the middle of the floor and he would pick them up and bring them back to us. He kept trying to pick up AS MANY AS POSSIBLE in one trip, and with his stubby little arms, he could hold three but not four. Which meant he was constantly trying to hold four until he got frustrated and handed us the three he could hold and went back to pick up others.

We then went to my MIL's house, where Luke gorged on Peeps and M&M's. Luke was the only child - there were two pregnant women and twelve adults total but with just one kid, it was relaxed. So we ripped apart the Peeps to feed him bit by bit because yellow sugary drool isn't all that appealing, and when you rip apart Peeps? There's sticky marshmallow inside. And a small child looking expectantly at you with his mouth open... so naturally I began sticking the Peep parts to his nose and forehead. My SIL commented that children aren't for our amusement! And the Peep-part-sticking was MEAN!

And Esposo and I both heartily agreed that she was wrong and children are indeed for our amusement because if they weren't then there is NO POINT to having them, except for chores and Luke can't push the lawnmower yet.


Blogger RubyB said...

excellent amusement.

i'm in on the mom always hair and makeup.. me not so much with the caring.

i don't remember brushing my hair this morning.. i'm willing to bet i didn't.. and i certainly did not put on makeup.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Wendy said...

I want a PICTURE!!!!!

Another fun thing to do with peeps!

12:38 PM  

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