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Monday, May 01, 2006

Stuff stuffy stuff stuff

We had only first annual Arbor Day party this past weekend, and we were hoping for good weather and did not get it. But in anticipation of the events of our last big party for Esposo's three-oh, we cleaned out the garage and got the ping pong table ready for flip cup and Beirut. We also happened to have a table in our garage which served well for card games.

With our mothers both downsizing within a year of each other, our home has become a sort of collection point. Which means a lot of stuff is here and I don't know what it is. We had also acquired a piano which was moved in from the garage on Saturday and that totally rocks my world. I'm thinking about looking into piano lessons.

As we were clearing up space for standing and talking in the garage, I peeked into several containers my mother had brought over. Two large rubbermaid containers were chock full of stuffed animals. And there was another box of my old dolls, too. I quickly slammed the lids on those, knowing full well that I'm going to have to deal with them soon.

Part of the stuff accumulation is now sorting through it all. What do we need, what can we sell, and what can we donate? Furniture has been listed on Craigslist, and a few items have hit Ebay, but the process is just beginning. Clean Sweep is one of my favorite shows, so this process is somewhat fun for me, but when it moves too slow I panic and yell about the MESS DEAR GOD THE MESS! Sorry about that, Esposo.


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