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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Each night I lie in bed and think of the things that I should write about. By the next morning, everything has escaped me and I’m left feeling a little bereft of writing material. Instead of writing out entries in my head last night, though, I made a simple list, and that seems to have stuck with me better.

My cat, he is crazy. This would be Simba, the thinner, orange cat. Simba isn’t a lap cat. Where Moxy will curl up on your should and knead your neck with his claws (and he is unperturbed no matter how many times you throw him off), Simba prefers to lay in the doorway of the room, so he can run if you decide to get up. He is friendly at night, though, when he will walk up your body and sniff your face to see if you’re still alive. You’d think he’d be able to tell that by the swearing because a fourteen pound cat has footsteps of 800 pounds when they walk on your back.

Yesterday I sat in the family room and heard ‘Th-thump’ ‘Th-thump’ ‘Th-thump’ from the direction of the kitchen. Since ignoring such noises will lead to destruction on a mass scale if you’re not careful, I got up to investigate, and found Simba jumping at the door to the garage. I obligingly let him out into the garage to explore to his little heart’s content. Several hours later, I opened the door to see if he wanted to come back in, and he hissed angrily at me, though he darted through the open door in a flash, so pissed that he did, in fact, want to come back.

Morning sickness continues to plague me, and last night was no different. I had a healthy dinner of mashed potatoes, and when Esposo came home, I begged him to go on an ice cream quest. With Luke and I on opposite ends of the table, flanking Esposo, I began to sign and say “Please”. Because Luke is at the mimicking point, he followed suit, giggling hysterically with each ‘No!’ Esposo issued, followed by my please and finally Luke’s.

Luke loves nothing more than when we interact as a family. He loves to interact with each of us individually, but when we’re all together and playing, he is even more ecstatic.

My brain has shut down now. Beep.


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