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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I have odd memories, and I don't know why the ones I have stick with me. I remember being in my senior AP English class, which was taught by a retiring teacher who had, apparently, not lost his idealism. Or maybe he was revisiting idealism because he was retiring. In any case, he kept trying to inspire us to have deep conversations in class, and would assign two page papers in a whim like manner, as if the idea just struck him, and he thought we would ENJOY these thought provoking papers, because we were SENIORS! And in an AP class! When really, no one gave a shit, because, dude, we were seniors.

It would be interesting to be in that class now, and maybe I WOULD enjoy thinking and writing about things just to think and write about them. But alas, we can't go back to high school.

One day we discussed winning the lottery, and he talked about people who won the lottery who bought enormous homes and went bankrupt. Why, he asked, would that happen? Even at 17, I jumped in with "Taxes! And maintenance!" while the rest of the class drooled unconsciously.

I've always been too danm AWARE of money and how the world is intent on TAKING IT FROM YOU. So I read Sundry's post at ClubMom about 'What to do if you won the lottery?' and thought about it myself.

I think Esposo would want to move, but I'd rather fix up our house. Redo the kitchen, finish the basement, etc. Pay off the mortgage. Put money in an account for Luke's college. And then live as we are now, but with less stress. And possibly first class airfare when travelling.


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