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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Homicidal Peach

I've returned to a painting kick because our house still has peach. When we moved in, 6 of 11 rooms (counting bathrooms as rooms here) were painted peach or pink. Plus the hallways were peach. I can just see the previous owners saying 'Look! Peach paint was $0.42 a gallon! What a steal!'

Over the past two years we've been eradicating the peach, but when you have no design plan for a room - like our outdated, ancient kitchen that needs a complete overhaul - painting can seem futile. But it was still getting to me, that our guest bath was peach, that our hallway was peach, that our kitchen was peach. So I'm on a kick to kill it all. To make the peach even worse is that it was DIRTY and scuffed.

Living in a pastel house could make me a homicidal maniac, but I haven't chosen crazy colors for the hallway or bathroom. Esposo can't even tell that I painted the guest bath, and I'm sure when he sees the hallway, he'll say the same thing 'uh, looks the same to me...' and then I will kill him. Because the peach made me homicidal, see?


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