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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bathroom! Bathroom!

Today we did some small things in the master bath - put up the trim around the window and a threshhold on the doorway. Then I cleaned up all the assorted construction clutter from the room, and out bedroom.

Our bedroom has no giant plastic containers of mud. No leftover tiles. No screwdrivers, hammers, or tile spacers. In short, our bedroom is FREE OF ALL CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS!!! I even cleared out most of the bathroom, leaving only a few things for the projects we have to finish up, which are:

1. Fix outlet (15 minutes job)
2. Grout corners of shower
3. Caulk tile/ceiling meeting
4. Install shower door (ordered, to arrive in 3-4 weeks)
5. Do final sanding and touch up on walls
6. Paint final coat of paint on walls
7. Paint trim
8. Install toilet paper holder

That's it. --8-- things. And do you see how little they are? A few are hard, but this is DETAILS folks. DETAILS. In a month we could be done. Only 21 months after we began. And so...

I headed to the basement and started trying to plan that out. Because finishing the basement is our next big project. Wow.


Blogger Isabel said...

Great work!! Pictures?

8:33 PM  

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