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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Family That Stays Together

Esposo and I were, dare I say, made for each other. He balances me out on the neurotic shit, but more importantly, he not only tolerates my inner idiot, he is a direct encourager of the inner idiot, thus making it a much more outer idiot. Esposo is probably one of three of four people -in-the-world- who can make me actually not think about what anyone else is thinking of me at that moment and I just do whatever the hell I feel like.

One of the other people is Luke. This bodes poorly for the world, because I have a feeling we're going to be one of 'those' families.

Tonight, we gave Luke a bath. He has a set of musical dolphins that are supposed to float in little rings, and when you tap them on the head, they create a musical note. Of course, if you blow up their butts, they make a continuous note.

Esposo began the dolphin-butt-blowing, and when it seemed to amuse Luke, I joined in on a second dolphin-butt. Luke laughed hysterically. And then joined in on a third dolphin. We're planning a career as the Dolphin-Butt-Blowers.


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AWESOME band name!

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