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Monday, January 19, 2009

Get Over It Already

I had a discussion this past weekend that referenced the SAHM vs WAHM "debate". I'm in a group that is made up of mothers of every variety - at home, to part time employment, to full time employment. Business owners and those that work for 'the man'. Creative types, science types, people working basic jobs just for the spending cash. Those of us who don't work and sacrifice vacations and new gadgets and remodeled kitchens to do it. (ahem, guess where I fall?)

We make these choices. Some people never wanted to stay home with children all the time. Some people do but can't afford to quit and live the lifestyle they want. And some people forget that they are making a choice.

I glanced at local moms groups and saw a group titled "Full Time Mommies" - my first thought was "Who's doing this part time?"

I have not encountered the judgemental mother - the one who thinks that you are doing it wrong because you have not made the choice she has. At least, not to the degree that I see it on the internetz, where nasty comments abound behind the veil of anonymity.

But I do see thinly veiled jealousy. The people who want to stay home, or want to be able to afford the shiny gadgets, and thus become bitter and say things with a biting edge. I don't mind the jealousy - I am unabashedly jealous of kitchens with appliances under, say 41 years old. But just admit that you are jealous.

It's been awhile since I've seen this behavior, so I'm not sure why this is resonating with me today.


Blogger Isabel said...

I admit I'm jealous. Of so many things.

And yeah...who is doing this "part time"? That's a very good point.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Dixe Mama said...

yep, I'm jealous! And then I remember that I don't have to work for "the man!"

2:24 PM  

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