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Monday, September 08, 2008

Girls Are Different Than Boys

I think I've mentioned it - stereotypes suck. Get your son a doll and your daughter a truck. BUT... girls and boys ARE different, and it rocks.

We've made a couple purchases over the past few days - small Cabbage Patch Dolls at a garage sale and dress up from the dollar store - including a police helmet and police vest with walkie talkie...

Courtney loves the little dolls, she stripped them naked and carries them everywhere. Luke likes them, too, he tucked them all under his blanket in his room, but he also named them Hammer, Nail, and Drill.

Luke loves the dress up - he has another shield and a skeleton mask and he spends his time yelling and roaring and screaming. Courtney likes the police hat and vest in particular, refusing to take it off at the store and blindly stumbling around in it (because it's far too big for her head and falls over her eyes) at home.

The two worlds collided when Courtney tucked her dolls into the police helmet and began 'feeding' them with the stem of the walkie talkie. Sometimes, nature wins!


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