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Monday, November 10, 2008


Luke: When can Courtney and I get married?

Mommy: Well, you hve to find other people to marry. Right now there's a little girl* out there who will someday be a woman and want to marry you when you're a man.

Luke: But I want to marry Courtney.

Mommmy: That's called incest and that's not allowed. You and Courtney are already brother and sister and that's a very special relationship, you can't be husband and wife.

Luke: Courtney and I are going to marry each other.

(It did cross my mind 'what if' he's gay and there's actually another litle BOY out there, but really, let's not overly confuse the issue, we're trying to clarify NO MARRYING YOUR SISTER.)


Blogger ShellyBlake said...

We went thru this too - I explained to Matt that it is important to grow our family and since it's only him & his lil sis - they'll need to marry outside the family so that our family will get bigger. Then he added, "oh, and then our kids can be cousins?" and yes!! that's why you can't marry your sister - because your kids will need cousins! ;o)

9:39 PM  

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