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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Again With the Work Post

I hate asking people to do things. If I can do it myself, I will. I hate trying to find someone so they can find someone to talk about doing something and what about this and I have an idea, and wait, was anything actually decided? Give me carte blanche access and I'm right in the thick of things and I'll figure it out.

This is something that works very well for me in my job role, usually. I stop bothering people and only ask questions when I actually HAVE questions. I get to know the mechanics and the operators more than the engineers.

And here's a secret: I usually like the mechanics better. I'm not a political person and I think other 'management' personnel are (at least more so than I am). The mechanics will shoot the shit, and you know what? They know their shit. The engineers, they will gloss over anything they don't know. And then they'll spout random facts or unrelated crap and grunt and scratch themselves. Okay, fine, they don't grunt and scratch themselves. Much.

Right now, I have to ask people to do things. I have to ask ENGINEERS to do things.

Let's review:
1. I prefer to do things myself.
2. Engineers can get on my nerves by their very engineer-ness.

Oh, and did I mention I have no power to actually get the engineers to do what I ask of them?

This is a bad day in the making!


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