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Friday, October 07, 2005


I consider our entire family very fortunate in that my mom has been able to watch Luke on Fridays since I went back to work. That means every Friday, Luke spends an entire day with someone who loves him just as much as Mommy and Daddy. And he recognizes her, knows her, and gives her a huge smile when he sees her.

I have read a number of articles, blogs, and books wherein the mother is amazed at how mellow her mother becomes with a grandchild. I mean, after all, when she was a child, her mother was a raging lunatic, screaming and grounding left and right.

Which is nothing like I remember my mother as a child, so I am not surprised in the least seeing her with my son. Admittedly, he's only 8 months old, so he's not doing anything like swinging mice by their ears and snapping their little necks. And no one I know EVER DID ANYTHING LIKE THAT.

I was very close with my grandmother, and it's a relationship that I treasure. I'm thrilled that Luke has the chance to develop relationships with his grandmothers from early on. I can't see us ever not fostering those relationships.

I'm sad that Luke doesn't have grandfathers to emulate, no Pa or Papa, but he does have three uncles. I hope that there are enough men in his life (besides my husband) that he doesn't feel the Grandpa loss too keenly, though I know my husband and I do.


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