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Monday, October 31, 2005

Ker Thump

Luke has really gotten a hang of this crawling thing. He started creeping at seven months, and kept that as his preferred method of ambulation for a month. About three weeks ago he mixed in straight up hands and knees crawling with his creeping, so he'd crawl crawl creep creep creep. He gradually increased his crawling until last week he was straight up crawling most of the time.

Now it seems that crawling is insufficient. He's decided to add to his movement repertoire, and throw in a little crab leg. So now he's on his hands and his left knee, but his right leg is extended straight. I imagine it doesn't bother his knees as much, and it gives him a little more kick (hee!). He ends up moving half sideways since his right leg moves his butt along a little faster.

When he was creeping, he only ever creeped into the wall. From a standstill. Just move headfirst into the wall, which was an inch or two from his face. This coordinated movement thing? Not so easy! But the creeping injuries were minimal.

The crab walk? Well, because he's up on his hands he's now 6-8 inches away from the floor, not two or so. And because his right leg is straight? His body is pitched at an angle towards the floor, and so the injuries are starting.

This morning, he was gleefully crab-crawling around, lost his balance and pitched face first into the floor. And was furiously upset of course. This was after he had already slipped into the sink from the bathroom counter, which scared him but did not hurt him.

He's an active child, he wants to go and explore, he cries in frustration when we close gates or doors. He's also a fairly cautious child. I've seen him stand up under a table and bump his head, and then afterwards continue standing up, but while reaching and looking for that thing that hit him before. He hasn't tried heading down the stairs yet (and yes, we're there in case he does decide to try it).

He's gotten himself into a freestanding position a few times now, I've no doubt that he's going to be walking by Christmas or before (I still predict 10 months). And then bumps and bruises are going to increase in rapid succession. I'd bubble wrap the house, but that's a big added expense... maybe I should just get him a helmet?


Blogger Isabel said...

Sounds like you are raising a genius. Isn't that what they say about kids who walk earlier? :-)

12:12 PM  

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