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Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm Redundant, I Get It!

Sorry to be so single topicked. While I am not in the pit of despair over my job (the evil weight loss, though, which while I am doing FABULOUSLY on my diet AND I walked for a brisk half hour yesterday and the number is staying the same, that's depressing) I am still not thrilled.

This morning I talked to my boss for the first time this week, actually for the first time since the 5th. Way to motivate! Anyway, I gave her the update on my projects, which need to be completed prior to my primary coworker, N., starting another project.

N. and I talk EVERY day. I am very aware of where she is on projects and what I need to do to enable her to complete her next project.

My boss informed me that she signed off on N.'s last project yesterday. I was in shock, because N. had told me that it wouldn't be complete this week (my projects have to be complete at the same time as hers to let the next project start).

I went to N. and said, Wow, you finished that and got it all signed off? And she hadn't. My boss just doesn't know what she signed and what the procedure is here, as in what needs to get signed off. MY BOSS.


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I like the use of topic as an adjective.

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