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Monday, January 09, 2006

My New Favorite Show

I have a new favorite show. While I am trying desperately to avoid this becoming a weight loss blog (I had 1453 calories yesterday!), and therefore leaving that minutiae in emails to friends (haha!), I am actively involved in this whole weight loss thing. I'm amazed at how well I've started off, and am looking for things to keep me motivated.

And Celebrity Fit Club 3 just started on VH1, and I caught the first two episodes yesterday. Jeff Conaway, and if you know who that is, I will mail you a nickel, is the undisputed "star" of the show so far. Jeff was Kinicki in Grease, and the smooth operator on Taxi (why are you in a movie, but on a TV show?). I don't know what he's been doing since the seventies, but in his outburst yesterday he said he did four movies last year!

The show is set up with a panel of three judges - a doctor, a psychiatrist, and a drill sergeant. When the celebrities get up on the big scale to get weighed, the panel actually seems to be rooting for them. Maybe they say things like 'it's bad for your health, you could die' and other such things, but it's not mean. They're happy when the celebrities meet their goals.

But Jeff, he has some issues. Anger issues, drug issues. He threw his shoes at the panel, and claimed that in his day he could beat up the drill sergeant. (I wish I had a direct quote here... I may have to take notes). The day the celebrities had their activity, he showed up severely under the influence of something. It was fabulous. And, he lost no weight at all but claimed it wasn't his fault! He had no control over what he ate!

The celebrities are split into two teams, one headed by Chastity Bono, the other by Jeff. Chastity's team named themselves Ebony Flame, as two members are black and two are gay. See how they included everyone? Jeff's team? Greased Lightning. It's Jeff, Bizarre, Tempestt Bledsoe, and the hot 'babe' from Weird Science. What do the other three have to do with Greased Lightning? Jeff's a lot like the small town guy who was the high school quarterback but just can't seem to let it go.


Blogger Rousing Dreams said...

I'm not sure I'd like to have the word "greased" associated with my exercising self.

11:35 AM  
Blogger RubyB said...

the hot chick from weird science is now on celebrity fit club? hmm.. i might have to check this out. Sadly because I want to see a person who played a hot chick needing to get fit.
sad but true.

7:40 PM  
Blogger Elisette said...

Yes, she weighs 175 pounds and is 5'8". I'm guessing she weighed 125 or something in the movie. Or less, I don't know. But I actually really like her from the one episode I've seen.

7:34 AM  

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