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Monday, February 13, 2006

Long, yes. Relaxing, not so much.

I took Friday and Monday off in order to have a long and relaxing weekend. Relaxing did not apply. Friday I took Luke for his one year pictures at the mall. I got lost going to this mall, which I frequently do, just this one mall, and only when I go one particular way, and since I had thought I knew how to get there...

Anyway, the point was I was five minutes late to the appointment instead of 15 minutes early as I planned to be. Which meant that Luke had no warm up time, he was tossed in front of the camera and he was not at all happy about it. The photographer, a young woman, as all photographers in those places are, was overly hyped on crack and attempting to get Luke to smile. She screamed, she tickled, she made odd noises. Luke gave some half smiles, which she caught on film.

We wandered the mall while the film developed, hitting the mall play area. Luke ran out of my sight for two seconds and into the mall area, shaving a few years off my life.

When we returned to the picture place, they showed me the framed photos from the shoot, one of which clearly showed a tear in Luke's eye. Why on Earth would I want that picture? Nonetheless, photos were purchased, and included in the Thank You cards from his birthday party.

Today we went to the doctor, where Luke pitched a fit because I wouldn't let him play on the floor in the office wearing nothing but his diaper. I'm not so sure about our pediatrician, because we ALWAYS have to wait a damn long time. If this were my doctor, annoying, but fine. But at the pediatrician, they take us from the waiting room, which has toyS and into the examination room, where they have me strip my kid, take his measurements, and then leave us for twenty minutes.

With A toy. That Luke loses interest in in 2 minutes. And then it's play with the crinkly table paper!! And the little cups! Bang the cups!! Turn on the water!! Cotton swabs? So yes, thanks for that wonderful experience.

Luke is in 45th% weight, 60th% height, and 90th% head circumference. So, aside from the head thing, he's AVERAGE people. AVERAGE.

The doctor asked about Luke's motor and verbal skills. I mentioned he started walking two months ago. He said I could look forward to throwing and kicking. Yeah, he does those. Running? On the move. Walking backwards? Yup. Verbal skills? Uh, no. He's a normal baby. Normal. Average. Perfect.


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