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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Girls

I have lost 10.8 pounds by my home scale, and 13 by the scale at work. Last night I tried on a few more clothes, despite being two pounds away from my next 'Try On Weight'. I routinely cheat and don't wait for that... Generally I just try on pants, and I have three pairs of pants that are about 5 pounds away from being wearable. This morning as I was getting dressed I decided I would try on some button down shirts...

I have boobs. Or as one ex would say, like a nine year old (giggle included), boobies. The word boobs makes The Financial Enforcer (see, you got a new job and a new name!) laugh. Booooobs.

My boobs, they are on the larger size. Typically a C, but as I gain weight, they grow to D's. Also, I had a baby last year, in case you weren't aware. I think this caused the boobs to grow and change shape quite a bit.

Larger boobs get in the way. One of the worst problems with larger boobs is button down shirts. Because they're not designed to fit over the bigger boobs, and then you get the dreaded button gap, and you're showing the world your bra. So I tried on several of my old button down shirts this morning, and most are still far too tight across the frontal acreage.

Having bigger boobs and a smaller waist can make you look heavier than you are, because of how clothes lay on your body, so you have to be careful of the clothes you pick out. And then there's the problem with just having things protruding from you chest. Ever back up to let someone through in a tight space, and have it essentially be the same as shoving your boobs at them to be hit, pushed, or smashed?

Let's just not talk about running and the joy of getting into and out of a properly supportive sports bra.

At this point in my life, I'd be very happy with a nice B cup. I mean, these things didn't even do that good of a job with producing milk, and that's what they're for! They were good at chest traps in soccer, though. All that fat absorbed the impact and stopped the ball dead.


Blogger Amanda said...

Don't get me started on the "boob" issue. A "b cup" would be like winning the...a-hem...booby prize.

10:17 PM  

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