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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Very Productive!

I have been very busy today preparing for Luke's birthday party (ie, calling places to make food for me. And that would be Portillo's. Because the kid is from Chicago and many of his parties, I'm sure, will be catered by Portillo's. Italian Beef? Si, Italian Beef! This is what we do in Chicago.), getting appointments (my nails and his pictures), booking the dog in a kennel for the weekend in which I will be tortured by the fact that my sister in law is thinner than me at five months pregnant than I am after LOSING 12 pounds, and generally organizing and planning my life.

I even got a few things done for work. I have a little stack of post it notes indicating phone numbers and appointment times for various events because Esposo took my Palm. But let's face it - if I had the Palm, I'd still have the little pile of post-its, and that's why I let him take the Palm. I let the batteries die and then I lose everything in there (which, seriously, could they not have planned that better??)

The weight loss about knocked me over this morning, because the scale said 1(X-1)6.4. So I continue to be rockin' in that regard and could win $210. Which would be for me me all me!! Perhaps I would get a new outfit? Or a real hair cut and highlights? Oh, the choices! Esposo thinks that people will continue to suck it up as the contest goes along, and I'm in a groove.

But as I am wont to do, I knock myself down by asking, If this is coming along so easily, WHY COULDN'T YOU HAVE DONE IT BEFORE?? Nothing like a positive attitude!


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