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Friday, February 24, 2006

My Pretty Pretty Undies

I would say the worst part of gaining weight is the clothes not fitting thing. It's such a tangible presentation of 'YOU ARE GETTING FAT(TER)' and leaves you more depressed than you were by merely knowing that the numbers on the scale were going up. I have found, and others have told me the same thing, that if you go and buy new clothes in the larger size and stop feeling as dumpy as you do in your now-too-small size, it can make you feel better, which makes you want to do something about the situation, which makes you want to lose weight.

I have one very cute Lane Bryant (the Fat Girl Store, let's be honest, though they have cute clothes, they are the Fat Girl Store, and every girl who shops there wants to stop shopping at Lane Bryant) outfit from after Luke was born. It was a shirt and skirt with a flowers and bright colors, and it made me feel happy. And I wore it once and now it would be too too large since that was about 30 pounds ago, and I'm very happy about that.

I've now lost enough weight, though, that my cute underwear - the silky stuff, the low cut, the high thigh, the (t-h-o-n-g-s!) fit. If you want to have a really good and confident day, you have to start with the pretty pretty undies.

And they're back!


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