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Monday, February 20, 2006

All Things Weight Loss

I'm on a diet. Did I mention I'm on a diet? And that I am losing weight? Remember that? I thought so. I try not to write only about that because I realize that some people find weight loss minutia excrutiatingly painful. (But again, friends, I will still email you about it.)

I, however, am obsesesed with the weight loss. I mentioned I watched Fat Camp on MTV last night. That immediately followed True Life: I'm Obese. And that was after I watched Celebrity Fit Club. that I recorded. I just went to Lose the Buddha to check up on her weight loss, because I used to read her blog when I was on the diet/exercise quest of 2001. I log into FitDay to record my weight, and sometimes journal my food. I read some things at 3FatChicks now and then. And because this wasn't enough, I just searched for "Weight Loss Blogs". And Kirstie Alley's Jenny Craig blog popped up, and yes, I've checked in on that one before.

And the kicker? The point? I am annoyed by most of the people in and on these shows/blogs. The children at Fat Camp were whiny and not trying hard enough for me. The 17 year old on True Life contended that he could never not give into a craving, but that gastric bypass would solve all his problems. Kelly whatsherface from Weird Science on CFC complains about being looked at as a piece of meat and yet wears a skin tight dress. LTB can annoy me in her 'Non Weight Loss' blog for reasons I can't even articulate. I can't stand Kirstie Alley as an actress.

Yet for every single one of these people? I want them to succeed at weight loss. I am thrilled by people who post their methods, their successes in trying to lose weight. 84 pounds lost! Wearing clothes they bought in a 'normal' store, not a 'fat' store! Feeling better! Walking further!

As for me, I lost an additional 0.2 pounds to bring my total to 11.6 pounds for the year, and then immediately went out for a bachelorette party Saturday night. Sunday I spent eating far too much food and I was back up 2.8 pounds this morning. Hopefully that will go away quickly to not lose the Biggest Loser challenge at work this week.

I also worked out on Saturday, so that is a good thing!


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