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Thursday, April 06, 2006


I generally strive to be a nice person. La la, make nice nice with everyone. Even people who drive me crazy, like the microbiologist who stood in my cube and blathered on about how this company did this and this plant does that, and, um, lady, I don't give a rat's ass.

Niceness can almost be a disease. It's how I ended up living with PsychoRoommate for a year, because I was stupid enough to think everything would be hunky dory. I was nice. She was not. She wasn't necessarily mean, just crazy. And really, that's who I mostly have a problem with, the crazies.

At some point, I do start letting my nice face crack when dealing with The Crazies and The Highly Annoying. Right now I'm cracking under dealing with The Highly Annoying in my mom's group. Basically, we're trying to get a bunch of moms together. Some moms join and then don't do anything. They just join. This qualifies as Highly Annoying to me. WTF? What's the point of joining? So I'm cracking and started to push these people out of the group. Because there are other people, who are dealing with being a Rudderless Mommy, which sucks enormous donkey ass, and those people, they need a group.

I also struggle with the nice face when it comes to 'Do Not Offend', and the gloves are coming off there, too. I know there are people who sing Koom-bye-ya and read their Bibles and want to go to handbell concerts. Honestly, I don't want to hang out with these people. But yet, I don't want to offend the handbell concert goers. Because they're nice people and all.

But I swear, I drink, and I listen to Bon Jovi. I've been known to dance on bars and kiss strangers (not so much since the marriage/kid thing). I'm a liberal.

I just thought you should know.


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