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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

That Manly Man

I'm a fairly self reliant person. I never looked for guys on the basis of who could protect me from the big bad people in the world, because, in general, there aren't big bad people in the world. I didn't want someone who hunted or liked macho macho things because that would annoy me.

And in Esposo, I did not get a macho man. Sure, he wrestled in high school, and he's apparently been in a fight or two. Once, when we were waiting in line for a bar in Madison, he began yelling at a guy in line because he was "sticking his TONGUE in his girlfriend's EAR!" (The guy wasn't, he was just trying to talk to me and I moved away.) He's a strong guy, but he doesn't need to prove his manliness by killing, throwing, and grunting. Instead, he prefers to belittle and mock.

We watch a bit of the same television, one of our steady shows has been CSI (though if the writing continues to be as horridly sucky as it was last week, with the 12 year old prodigy girl, we will stop the watching of CSI). If you've seen the show, you know that they zoom into body parts and veins and up noses and all sorts of gross things to get all scientific-y. (On a side note, as a chemist, I laugh and laugh when they make things like THIN LAYER CHROMATOGRAPHY look all glamorous. HA!) We also watch House, which does a lot of similar things.

I don't like the gross zooming in, I have no problem with blood in real life, but the zooming in on veins and in stomach cavities - blech. And particularly eyes. On House in particular they've done things like shown needles going into eyes and that creeps me out to the point that I've had to stop and close and rub my eyes several times while writing this. ***shudder***

I often cover my eyes while the gross scenes are on TV. A few years ago when CSI was younger and better, I covered my eyes and asked Esposo "Is it over yet?"

He responded "I don't know!" and I looked over at him, and he, too, had formed a barrier with his hands to avoid the ickiness on the screen. And a I knew a crucial rule had been violated - he's the BOY, he's supposed to watch the icky parts and let me know when they're over!!


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