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Thursday, April 20, 2006


A statement that undoubtedly makes many people gasp and generally act appalled and annoying (to me): I'm not much into music.

I say this because there is this contest going on and everyone's got an opinion. It's a commercial thing, all about the money, not about the music, the detractors claim. But everyone gets to have an opinion and discuss who they think is the best singer! Because everyone is qualified to do that, right? It's opinions anyway.

I don't like the commercial aspect of American Idol, but more than that, I don't like the singing aspect of it. Now, I'm pretty tone deaf, so that could explain a lot. Add to it that I don't really care about music and I'm pretty well set. All I want to see is people being dumb because they think they can sing at the beginning of the show. Because stupid people are here for my amusement. (And I have been stupid for other's amusement in the past, it's a big circle o' fun).

But when it comes to finding new bands and seeing shows and contemplating the skill of musicians. Oh crap, is there something on the radio I can sing along with on the way home. Which tends to be country, because being tone deaf AND slightly hearing impaired, I have NO CLUE what a lot of songs say. I understand country. Easier to sing along to. Plus, they're less youth-angsty and Youth Angst gets on my nerves now that I'm over it.

What's funny, is how much Esposo is into music. And the cataloguing and new bands and little shows and now, with the blog analysis of bands? UGH, those entries are BORING! blah blah blah.

Bring on the stupid people already.


Blogger The Dow said...

Sorry I don't AMUSE you with my entries about MUSIC! For how similar our personalities are, our music/television tastes couldn't be more different.

10:47 AM  

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