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Monday, May 22, 2006

Slight Change of Plans

I went in to visit my boss this morning, and I ever so smoothly broke the news to her... I said (almost verbatim here) I've only done this once before in my life... I'm quitting. Ah, silver tongued am I.

She was shocked, but broached me with a part time option. And I said I'd think about it. And I've thought about it all day and emailed Esposo profusely and we're pretty much at the point where I'm going to try it. Because it would let us finish the basement this winter without taking out new loans. And by that I mean we could HIRE someone to do the work FOR us, because we have thus far learned that major projects do not quickly move in our house. Having the basement finished would make me SO excited to be living in our house - not that I'm not excited now, but it would make me feel very very special.


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