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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Still, the stuff

There are four main avenues for getting rid of stuff, as far as I can see. Five, if you count the garbage, but I like to think I'm a little more enlightened than that to throw useful things into landfills. At least use them until they're USED up, is my theory.

Right now, I'm freecycling. I'm not generous enough to put big ticket items on freecycle. I saw a refrigerator on there the other day - people actually have spare refrigerators to give away!?! I could use the $100 or $200 for it, you know! But small things - like litter boxes, bird seed, and hangers. Also many many shovels and such. Freecycle has been working very well this week, but people have not showed up before. That's annoying. Plus, the creep factor is there.

There's also donating, which is easy enough with the veteran groups calling us every so often. They're coming next Tuesday, and we have a bag of clothes to make their way out the door. And possibly anything else I gather together.

Ebay works for a few items, but it's a pain. There's mailing stuff, photographing it, listing it... and too many people are using it now! My stuff has competition.

The most annoying method right now is Craigslist. People on there suck. First, they always want to bargain. Second, they've stood me up. Third, they don't seem to understand that their email is the only thing I have to judge them on. They're not doing well with the judgement.

The scary thing about the stuff? Is that I haven't been shopping. I'm scared to shop for anything because we already have so much stuff. It even takes away from the niceity of receiving presents, the stuff is so persistent. I just wonder where I'm going to put it.


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