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Friday, June 30, 2006

Just Another Friday

I am feeling a bit of a trainwreck today. (More on trainwrecks later...) I'm wearing a short sleeve light tan v neck sweater. Washing my hands in the bathroom, I noticed that when I lean over, I sport a slight double boob. Sh*t. Must rearrange the girls. I am also announcing to everyone that the turkey is done and I am available for glass cutting needs. I had to pop into a stall and craft some padding from toilet paper and shift around a bit. All is well!

So I meandered down the hall, only to pass the vending machine guy, whom I've struck up quite a rapport with, and he passed off a bag of Doritos to me - on the sly, underhanded like, because we don't want to announce the hand out of free Doritos. Remember: make friends with everybody!

I've been somewhat addicted to Trainwrecks, where someone basically decided to b*tch about all the stupid blogs out there. He seems to have severe issues with Dooce and Amalah, though from what I can tell, the main problem is that they share too much (about poop, in Dooce's case) and he's bitter that she's making a living off her website. Honestly, I'm a little bitter, too, because I can't do it.

But many of the links are amusing, if fearing for the future of the country because people are utterly unable to communicate in coherent form is amusing.


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