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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy Friday!

Whoo! Friday! Okay, well, it's Friday for me since I only work three days a week. Before you get annoyed with me, let me point out that I threw up this morning, and then on the way to work my stomach grumbled angrily about being so empty. I yelled at it as if it were a spoiled child - "Well, YOU'RE the one who had to throw up!" I just had some pop tarts. I don't think this was the wiseest choice, but then, I don't think there's a good choice no matter what.

I have misplaced my wedding ring. Actually, I know exactly where I placed it - with my engagement ring on the kitchen table last night. This morning only my engagement ring sat there, and I assume that the cats batted the wedding ring off the table onto the filthy nether regions of my floor. Crap.

Tremendous storms ripped through the area this morning, making it impossible for me to sleep. The lightning was so bright and the thunder so loud that I had to get up. And since I don't take showers in the midst of thunderstorms - for what I think are obvious reasons - I had to mill about the house and try to amuse myself. I tried to avoid the computer for awhile, since that's also bad to be on with storms, but I gave up and surfed anyway.

Now, onto a riveting day dealing with NG.


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