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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This is Wednesday

The astronomers are gearing up for a big, nasty fight about whether or not Pluto is a planet, and what to call it. I laughed myself silly reading the article, because people can be so PASSIONATE about such diverse things. And passion is a good thing, really it is, but the ANGER and the brewing TRAUMA, and the RIFTS that will form because of this. Because of what to call a hunk of rock far far far far away from us. It's absurd, it is.

But no less absurd thatn what inflames me, I suppose.

We have a New Guy (NG) here at work, who is quite passionate about telling me what they did at his previous companies. We should put in some load cells and in line check weighers, and he's spending thousands upon thousands of plant dollars in his technological quest to upgrade us into bankruptcy. He doesn't yet know the monetary climate of our plant, but he's already got suggestions. Screw the monetary climate, he doesn't even know HOW we do everything and he's got suggestions. I find him pushy and annoying and I've spent maybe three hours total with him.

In Luke news, this past weekend I was able to get him to lay down in the tub to rinse off his hair. Last night when Esposo gave him a bath, he repeatedly laid down in the water, and even flipped over, putting his face under water and not breathing in. While he doesn't want us to hold him in a pool, he's certainly not afraid of the water!!


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