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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bad Ornaments

Staying home has had a definite affect on my holiday spirit thus far (I know, it's not December yet, I'm sure I'll get grumpy). Because I actually can slot some time to decorate this week, I've really enjoyed the process. I'm making theme areas - my mantle is the holiday music boxes and santas, the dining room is full of snowmen, and the living room has the tree.

Today I decorated the tree. I was going to wait for Esposo to be home to do this, but he's not much help anyway. Neither is Luke, as it turns out - completely uninterested in the tree and decorations. This is good from a non-destructive point of view, but bad from a joy-and-wonder-of-Christmas-as-seen-through-the-eyes-of-a-child point of view. He's ruining it!!

Anyway, I love ornaments. Not all ornaments indiscriminately, but MY ornaments. The ornaments that I/we have gotten over the years. I'm happy to have Esposo's crappy boy scout ornaments with his picture glued on to go with the white ornaments the Swedish church made each year. I love to pull the ornaments out and remember my grandmother, my dog, my mom, and now even Luke's first Christmas. But the placement of the ornaments on the tree traumatizes me. I don't want anyone to feel bad, or think that because the ornament isn't front and center that I don't like it. But then, there are some ornaments that I truly don't like as much (Esposo's wrestler guy and my confirmation prayer friend's cross stitch) and those always get relegated to the bottom and rear of the tree. Maybe if I didn't consciously do that to SOME ornaments, I wouldn't be convinced that people will think I'm judging their ornaments by placing them in bad spots...


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