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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Crazy Gym Lady

In my qeust to NOT gain fifty pounds this pregnancy, I've been going to the gym a little more regularly. As in, about once a week (but I'm trying to get better at going). The biggest difficulty with going to the gym is that I have to reserve a spot in the childcare room for Luke, and then hope he wakes up in time for us to get there. And then, we have to deal with the crazy child-care lady.

Last Friday, we reserved from 8-9, but didn't make it in until 8:20. Since I only go for 25 minutes on the elliptical machine, this wasn't a problem. Except everything is a problem for the CGL (Crazy Gym Lady). Immediately as we walked in she said she guessed she would take him, but she left a note for the night people not to have anymore kids on the schedule.

I saw her note. It said "No more children under 1 before 11". Luke is, uh, almost 2, dude. Also, at the early hour that we get there, there is literally no other child in the room. None.

Next, she asked about the video he would want to watch. I said he loved singing and found a video that would have children singing. She insisted on Baby Einstein, which he's no longer very into, and wouldn't be swayed. And, as she has each time I've brought Luke, she asked if I had these videos (Baby Einstein). Uh, yeah, I don't live in a cave.

At least she didn't make me guess her age again. Let's see what kind of stories we get today! Maybe she'll snap at me if I'm 3 minutes early.


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