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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Before I Forget

Luke is becoming quite proficient at his shapes, except, I thought, for rectangles. He kept calling them triangles, and I would correct him, no, that's a rectangle. But he calls them RED triangles. Which is just his way of saying rectangle, which is really dang cute.

Today we were flipping through a book of animals, which starts with a page of 'sheep', 'pig' and 'cow' and moves into 'Apatosaurus', 'Brachiosaurus', and 'Pteranodon'. Luke was gamely saying the names of the dinosaurs after me, until I got to T.Rex.

Mommy: "That's a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Can you say Tyrannosaurus Rex?"

(pause. Thinking.)

Luke: "That's a big dinosaur."

Indeed it is.


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