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Saturday, December 30, 2006


I am now a little over 30 weeks pregnant. We're inducing at week 39 (and praying and praying that the kid decides to make an even earlier entrance, even if it means having kids with birthdays extremely close to one another) because I had a mutant 9 lb 8 oz child nat-ur-al-ly and even the doctors are all 'um, you know, you really don't need to do that again' and when the doctors are about getting the bun out of the oven early, you listen to them, because mostly they want you to KEEP IT IN. KEEPING IT IN is the big goal of doctors because it's a natural process, and they don't want to mess too much with it.

But then they realize that, hey, that kinda sucks for the woman, and what I mean here, to be slightly less discreet, is that it SCREWS UP THE LADY PARTS. So they offered me the 39 week plan, which means we have less than nine weeks of incubation to go.

Speaking of lady parts, I volunteered at a recent gathering that I did indeed go looking on the internet to get a glimpse of Britney's hoo-ha, and when others asked what it looked like, a friend volunteered that it looked 'tired'. I mean, obviously it's tired, it's attached to Britney, but I don't think that I am anywhere near qualified to judge whether it LOOKED tired, not having seen many in my day. So I've been wondering about that, what it looked like BEFORE. So remind me to thank my friend for THAT thought process.

Pregnancy has been hitting me hard the last few days, though. Sleeping is getting more difficult, with back pains and side pains and where-the-hell-do-I-put-the-boobs pains (I hate them) (A lot). I followed Esposo through the store this morning, he in 'commuter walking mode' (AKA, fast) and I had to remind him to slow down as I waddled after. I attempted to clean or work on Luke's closet organizer and I kept having to take breaks. And people keep telling me that I'm PREGNANT, which is why it's okay to gain so much weight (about 28 pounds now) and not do much. But it doesn't make you feel like less of a lazy slob, especially when crazy nesting hormones kick in.


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You're welcome. :)

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