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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bye Bye Nap

Over the Christmas holidays - which lasted three days around here - Luke napped well. Of course, we were with people and visiting for three solid days, and he was up until 10 PM each night, and then we would drive somewhere.

Naptime has been a horrible fight for us lately, ruining the entire afternoon for both of us. We couldn't go anywhere, the process made us both crabby, and I was doing things like driving around the neighborhood to get him to fall asleep. Then, at night going to bed was taking an hour and a half of reading, laying in bed with him, etc etc.

So we dropped the nap. At 22 months. I have friends whose four year olds nap, so I'm a little crabby about that. And yet, after two days, things have improved tremendously around here.

With no big fight over sleep, the afternoons have been better, he's less crabby and seems to play by himself more willingly. And bedtime took twenty minutes of reading and singing, then lights out and he was out. Since Esposo has been dealing with the endless bedtime routine mostly, he gets some time back... hopefully he'll have time to work on the basement then...

And so far, (after only 1.5 nights, though) Luke's sleeping through without crying in the night. Which is also a plus for Esposo and I. Though, of course, I'm up at 3 AM courtesy pregnancy and general insomnia.


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