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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Constant Flux

I think I've mentioned before the rush I get in getting rid of things from our house. It's absurd how often I get to have that rush, though, because at some point there should be less things, right? Except there aren't. It seems that every. single. time. my mother comes to my house se has a bag of stuff for us. A good sized shopping bag. What the hell, woman? She lives twenty minutes away and we see her every other week at a bare minimum. Seriously, what does she collect? I can't even tell you what comes to our house in those bags... I don't know...

I don't shop much. Right now I'm shopping for accessories for our so-very-close-to-done bathroom like towels and bath mats. These don't take up room in the house because they are going into a room that currently doesn't have these things.

I do some stupid things, though, like taking back the bunk bed set my brother used as a child that my mom's friend had borrowed. Luke will want a bunk bed, though, and this is a free one, in good condition. We can put it in the attic for a few years and no one will know! Of course, it's in the garage now, taking up massive amounts of space. And the family that had borrowed it returned it with two twin mattresses. Crap! We have twin mattresses! So now I am working on getting those moved out. (I just freecycled one to an odd man who kept trying to sell me things... Did I want multivitamins? A car bed? Did I need new siding on my house? While the dog's new penchant for howling has been annoying most times, this time she got a treat for keeping it up while the weirdo was outside.)

Do other people have this problem of stuff moving in?


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