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Monday, January 29, 2007

People. Insane.

Over at Suburban Bliss, Melissa was on the Today show talking about cocktail playdates. Here's the article. I've been "amusing" myself reading the comments (I slept until FOUR THIRTY, WHOOT!) this morning.

People are insane. Which is most of what I have to say about that. Here are my favorite quotes, with some of my commentary (sorry I'm not citing well here...):
You can socialize when they get older. (Now you should be an automaton caring for your children and they should NOT see you having fun with people other than them.)

The mother's you showed on the show today were not working mother's. All they have to do is care for their families. (Judgemental much? Me thinks this woman did NOT spend hours with children on a cranky day, debating whether or not they'll behave well enough for you to get through the grocery store...)

I hope that her children don't grow up thinking that their mommy needs to drink because of them. Maybe she should have thought about how important drinking was to her before she got pregnant. (This just reminded me that I wanted to get Luke the shirt "Mommy drinks because I cry.")

As a psychologist, I know openly drinking will plant the idea in the young child's mind that drinking is acceptable. (Because what we want to teach them is that drinking is NEVER ACCEPTABLE! DON'T DO IT! And then, when they have the opportunity, it is near irresistable, and they have no information or reality.)

When I think coctails, I think Martini's and hard liquor. I think a glass of wine is another story. (And what about a beer? A margarita? Rum punch? Isn't the point that responsible adults know what they're doing?)

look at those children... they are all looking at the "beverages" that the mom's have. They are enthralled by it. And now let me just say that imitation is suppose to be the best form of flatery, but in this case I don't think it would be flatery at all. Children will grow up and learn from what they see their parents do. (Same as above - the point being, if you drink in front of your kids, you don't have a problem with drinking in general. So this point is moot.)

The ironic thing is, due to these few glasses of wine and pitchers of beer, are the main reason these kids are around in the first place. (Hee! That was just funny!)

Who is going to take responsibility for the children ? One drink turns into two then six. (Someone failed math.)

I think this is actually worst than spanking! because after they are done drinking they drive back home drunk or with alcohol in their bodies which can cause accidents and kill innocent people!!!! (Have these people never had A drink?? What the hell?)


Okay, so people are also MORONS. I 'love' the judgemental attitude these people display, and also their insanity. Particularly the fact that children imitate their parents and THEY MIGHT HAVE ALCOHOL LATER! Never alter your existence, get high on frickin' life, perhaps with exercise, your body is a TEMPLE and you must provide a good EXAMPLE for your children.

And it's not nice to judge other people, think about setting that example.

I'm tired of there being one high and mighty, "doctor" approved way to live. The therapist Dr Janet seen in the video clip is so damn condescending about finding another way to be social - acceptable outlets, you know. Drink on your own time, get a babysitter.

For most of us, there is precious little 'own time' away from the children and out with friends. Working and Stay-at-home both, you are either AT work, or WITH your children. No mother I know WANTS to get drunk because we all know we're going to be up at some god-forsaken hour with the children and doing that with a hangover (because you've gotten a babysitter! And drank away from your kids!) and four or five hours sleep is hellish. And then we spend time feeling guilty because they're watching too much TV.

For God's sake, we feel guilty when they watch too much TV because we're SICK from a cold or flu, or in my current case, PREGNANT.

I was thinking more on this, and I actually find it disturbing that people think that their lives should revolve around their children. To be a solid member of society, children have to learn that the world DOES NOT revolve around them, that other people have personalities, quirks, flaws, opinions, and theirs do not take precedence.


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