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Friday, January 12, 2007

Like Ringworm

There are people in this world who drive me crazy. Lots and lots of them. One of the worst categories is those that think they are 'spayshul'. THEY shouldn't have to adhere to the rules of society, because they're DIFFERENT and they have SPAYSHUL circumstances. The world has been unfair to them in some way - they don't make enough money, or there was a traumatic event, or someone taught them that if you're loud enough for long enough people will give you want you want to shut you up already.

Yes, you can have bad things happen, and yes, some people make more money and can afford better things than you, but my mommy always taught me that 'fair' is a four letter word. It's not a good word, it's not something you can actually achieve. You can try, and when someone tries to be 'fair' with you, you should damn well appreciate it.

I really enjoy Freecycle, and whenever I have something that someone might be able to use and maybe the goodwill trucks won't pick up, I'll offer things up on freecycle. But that place is filled with people and their sob stories, wanting something for free. Freecycle is a simple message board where you can post up "offers" and "wanteds". And not infrequently, you will see:

"Wanted: Working car" (actual post)

"Wanted: Working color TV, 20" or larger" (actual post)

"Wanted: Working laptop" (actual post)

"Wanted: Gamecube" (actual post)

"Wanted: Toddler Car Seat in good condition" (actual post)

These are big ticket items that people expect people to hand over free, to strangers. While sometimes big items are OFFERED, I find it awfully presumptuous to head to Freecycle and ASK for people to hand it over. And often to repeatedly post begging for the same item.

When I did a search on the site to find annoying wanted posts, I was surprised but not shocked to find that the person who has inspired my current "spayshul" rant has a list of wanted posts a mile long. She begs for items of clothing and baby supplies, and also for a connection cable for her RAZR phone (that thar is a pricey piece of equipment). I judge, I judge, one should not judge... and yet, she's a member of our mommy group and all I've seen her do with the group is ask for free stuff, take free tickets to a show that another mother generously offered, and attend a free workshop. And oh yeah, she hasn't mustered up the $10 YEARLY dues the group requires. So I judge that she screams 'freeloader' in loud, bold letters. I'm SPAYSHUL, give me free stuff!

It irks me like a persistent parasite.

And since I link to this blog from my mommy board, there is a possibility that she could read this. Just so you know that I know this.


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